Moving - in and around Ollers

Movement is what makes life.
Hiking and biking from the house, swimming in the large pool, stretching and strengthening with our fitness equipment and yoga offers or sports and games in the nearby golf swing, table tennis or bocce - your body will feel good. 

Yoga can also be playful - stretching with good music? Yoga sessions tailor-made for little aches and pains? Click here for our special yoga events

Hiking and cycling

Walk across the terraces of our wilderness culture and down the meadows to the field path and roam through the surrounding forests. Rent one of our bikes or e-bikes and explore the landscape along the Lafnitz - it is enchanting. The app Hike and Bike makes you independent and does not let you get lost.


Grab the cart and drive just a few miles to the golf swing where you can tee off at discounted rates.

The mind also loves movement. Here you can find current events. Feel free to contact us with your ideas, which we can develop with you.