Growing - Vineyard and wilderness culture at Ollers

We are an agricultural business. Vineyards and wilderness culture are matters close to our hearts.

Favoured by the mild climate, the sunny location and the soil well prepared with the new knowledge of permaculture, our trees are already thriving magnificently: pomegranate, chestnuts, peaches, figs, cherries, sour cherries - are a real joy.
The 700 vines we planted in joint family work with our sons have grown wonderfully.

Now it is time to nurture, sow, cultivate and harvest. Participants and interested "farmers for a day or more" are very welcome.  

Would you like to be part of the sowing and harvesting? Or take part in a wilderness culture workshop? Then book yourself in at a reduced rate.

Do you want to cultivate your own field with support? Then let us know.

drive a tractor

Tractors are marvels - with their sound, their power and the wide range of applications. Our vintage Porsche tractor is more suitable for short show trips, while the vineyard tractor is a really complex workhorse. The lawn tractor is not bad either. So: if you fancy a tractor, Ollers is the place for you.